It’s like a history! I had my first lesson with Andrada back in 2012 to learn how to write music sheets, however, on that very day Andrada asked me: ‘Do you sing?’ - I said I can try so then I ended up taking singing lessons with her, I did the Grade 4 ABRSM exam and passed with a Merit! Also, during the same time I took Drum lessons with Florin for 2 years whom I learnt a lot from, playing drums is more difficult than what it looks like! I also participated in AB Music Academy’s first recital.
Recently, to sharpen my piano skills I started taking piano lessons with Andrada to work on technique, within 3 months I progressed tremendously and I could hear the difference in the sound when I play the piano which is amazing. Andrada is a very inspiring and patient teacher! Distance was never a problem for her; when I took singing lessons, I did Skype sessions while I was on holiday and so am I now excited to carry on with piano progression via Skype lessons! 

I’m very happy to see AB Music Academy in continuous growth and being a student from the very start of it’s opening!
— Tala Bakhsh
Through the encouragement of AB Music Academy, 2 of our children have formed their own bands and our oldest, who is autistic, plays piano for his church.   AB Music Academy is about having a go, playing together, working hard, trying something new, being creative, and enjoying music.  It’s a special place!
— Cheryl Jacobson, parent
“I was delighted when I discovered AB Music Academy and realised we had an amazing music school on our doorstep. It is run by talented musicians who are exceptionally dedicated in their efforts to help the students. My son is learning a lot.” 
— Polly Collingridge – parent
“I am a mature student undertaking piano lesson with Andrada for several years;  I am currently working towards grade 8.  I really value the way she focuses on the techniques of playing. She is also full of ideas for practising, learningand  tackling some of the challenges that students may face.  For example I need to manage my playing /exam nerves ...  which Andrada has helped with. In addition to the lessons, she provides opportunities throughout the year for her students to come together to play and perform.”
— Sarah (Ealing) 
“I’ve had several ukulele lessons with Kosmas. He quickly understood my musical preferences. At each lesson he introduces me to a new technique and is very patient when I don’t immediately “get it”, offering different explanations until I understand.  As an older learner with no musical education until I started to play ukulele two years ago, I find that my confidence is growing with Kosmas’s approach and would recommend him as a music teacher.”
—  Joan N - adult
“What I really like at AB Music Academy is that you don’t only get top quality individual lessons and help with grade exams but also,  you get the chance to become part of a music community and participate in public concerts organised by them, where everyone can play.”
—  Danielle Smith - Student and parent