Which is the best age for starting music lessons?


This is a hard topic, but here is our experience. We love children, we love playing games, making jokes, so why should teaching young age be a problem?

Daria and Rares Moise first came to AB Music Academy when they were 3 years and a half, nearly 2 years ago. They didn’t know what they wanted, but they knew they wanted to learn music. Rares tried few instruments and he found his passion in drums. Daria started piano lessons and never stopped. Before having a proper drumkit, Rares was practising on pillows, but never came without having practised his homework. Daria played a keyboard and made everyone listen to her as in a performance. They had their first performance at the age of 4 at the school’s concert.

We played, we hid under the pianos, we clapped, we laughed, but we also worked. And the work is paid off. They learnt from their parents what commitment was and they do it without asking and moaning they are too tired. Learning process is a team work and Daria and Rares learnt this. Parents are as important as the teacher and their parents practise with them every day, without being musicians.

Travelling from South East London to West London on a Saturday late afternoon is not fun and drivers know it. Daria and Rares come every single Saturday- no excuse- and cry when we need to cancel a lesson.

As a reward for their love for music and for their hard work, Daria and Rares have now ended a tour with their tutors, in 6 concerts around UK singing and playing drums on Christmas Songs, sometimes in front of big crowds, but having no fear of acting and being artists.

This is a live example that love for music goes beyond age and any child can do it under 3 conditions: PASSION, PRACTISE and PARENTS’ SUPPORT.